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(Taken by ania) 

Session 1

I got this done today by Shaun Turner @ Ilson Ink in Ilkeston.
Basically, my sister showed me a painting and i loved it so much i had to find out who the artist was. On discovering that the artist was only a 30 minute drive away and was looking for a home for it. It’s my favourite tattoo so far and I had it done in one sitting. I love my owly.

The original design for this piece was a needlepoint my Grandma made about 40 years ago.  It was 4 owls, her and her three daughter, all perched on a olive branch.  I brought my artist the needle point and he redrew it.  Although it is a more modern version, the eyes and pattern of the fur are what remain original.  This is my third, and favorite tattoo.  Done by Ben Wright at Love Hate Tattoos in Rochester NY

All of my owl necklaces 
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