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for all the owl lovers of tumblr.
most photos are from we heart it or reblogged from various sources.
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*none of these photos are mine in any way unless otherwise stated.
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Done by Mike at Fulham Tattoos, SW London.
Owl and key, my sister has a lock.

Done by Daniel Moreno in Leme - Brazil.

My owl I got a couple of days after my 18th birthday. This was my first tattoo. I got it for my great grandma. I know have 5 tattoo’s and adding more. 
Done by Josh Kellogg at Bite the Bullet. Decatur, IL 

This sweet little book mark was lovingly hand made by my dad check it out!!
"This is a delightful quirky item delicately hand crafted in sterling silver. The ‘Owl in the Moon’ book mark will keep your bedtime reading place until you return. This is an ideal gift for that special occasion and one that will be treasured and valued for a lifetime."

owl done by Lee Rudeboy Reynolds Leeds at Rudestudios
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